Kamis, 24 September 2015

Bali island as a competitor

Bali island as a competitor, yes things that Mr. Tjahaja Purnama or Ahok Jakarta is known that is greeting. He that has nautical lost Thousand Bali. Most people will only form of promotion performed by the Governor of the region is popularitased boost. If the terms we honestly say it is happening. Not an empty beauty and Indonesia that many will probably get from Jakarta.
Several decades of a thousand islands is indeed confidential and in Jakarta. Several thousand attractive tourist in Indonesian society that is started and is known abroad.

John recognized the role of government in Jakarta during this optimum Islands that is not yet. A large island that is not entirely a thousand can surface. With the government's real late - at the end it led to great against Thousand Islands.

We look in the mirror information-statistical data would find the island a thousand already a positive development. So has the number of tourists to Bali.

Imagine the potential that has not been as serious as the Thousand Islands, Bali has been on a visit to Bali that is whole. This is information that is astounding and huge potential of the Thousand.
Serious intent supported Jakarta and Jakarta, is believed to no longer be a competitor thousand island of Bali that i.
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